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Raychel Gaines was born into a birth family where trauma had been passed down from generation to generation. As a child, not protected by her parents who had their own unhealed emotional wounds, Raychel experienced mental, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse beginning at two years old. Unfamiliar with healthy love, she married a man who repeated her trauma pattern of abuse. After leaving that extremely toxic marriage, she felt like she had lived through the depths of hell. Raychel knew she had to get healthy to end the cycle of abuse. For many years, she fell into deep levels of depression, including having suicidal thoughts to end the pain of her despair. Slowly but surely, she had an awakening and saw light through the darkness, giving her hope that there was a way out of her emotional pain.


Raychel had an inner knowing that there was a deeper reason she had survived. While seeking to find more meaning and purpose, she started meeting people associated with the metaphysical world that helped her find the answers to many of her unanswered questions. 

Her healing journey consisted of Shadow Work and facing the darkness of emotional pain she had been suppressing for so many years. Raychel discovered that she came from a bloodline of Healers and Seers, which validated her sanity when she saw Spirits from realms of other existence. Tapping into the Divine Feminine to reclaim her power as a woman, a survivor, and a healer, while embracing the gifts that were passed down to her from ancestors of healers, brought Raychel to an inner place of greater strength and optimism.

While working at a woman’s homeless shelter and bringing hope, inspiration, and support to other survivors of abuse, Raychel had an inner calling to help others heal. During this time, and after receiving her own Reiki treatment, Raychel knew that being a Reiki practitioner was her true path and purpose. After many years of putting in the hard work to learn, grow, and heal, Raychel found the happiness she always wanted. She knows from her own journey out of darkness that depression, anxiety, trauma, and physical pain can be healed holistically. With her gifts of strong intuitive sensing, Raychel is a Certified Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna, and Holy Fire Reiki, as well as an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner. Along with Reiki services, Raychel offers classes in Usui, Karuna, and Holy Fire. She feels honored and blessed to assist others on their healing journey.

Meet Raychel

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