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Shamanism has been called the oldest spiritual path, with its roots ranging as far back as 20,000 years.


Shamans call upon the essential forces of nature such as the winds, sacred plants, smoke, rocks, animals, fire and rivers for healing. They call in helping spirits, exorcise harmful intrusions and balance energies through the vibration of drums, bells, rattles, movement, chanting and other methods.

Shamanism is a universe, and it’s available to everyone. Everyone can create a working relationship with spirit and learn to trust that whatever happens in that relationship is exactly what’s needed in our personal lives as well as in our healing practices.

In shamanic reality, everything is connected to, and a part of, everything else. In doing what is known as a shamanic journey the practitioner enters into this deeper, shamanic reality. In doing so, the journeyer personally experiences how everything is connected.


It is often described in shamanism that everything is, in fact, a web of energy. Although in ordinary reality things appear to be separate, in fact they are merely protrusions from a deeper interconnected web of energy in shamanic reality. In this deeper realm, everything is but a part of an interconnected whole.

The shaman sees illness as a lack of power because it was lost somewhere in person’s life. In order to heal the shaman returns your power to you. The shaman also removes misplaced energy. The negative emotions you may feel, or the negative emotions that another can send at you are seen by the shaman to be stuck or stored in various parts of your body. The shaman will re-empower you by removing the energy that does not belong within your body. 

A healing experience that can be facilitated exclusively by Shamanic Practitioners is the Soul Retrieval. This seeks to reunite your Soul pieces with your Soul. These pieces, lost by trauma, to certain situations or even to certain people, can be the source depression, addiction, incompleteness, or the feeling of always "missing something."

Please note, Shamanic services can be performed via Zoom.

Shamanic Tools


Feathers are the symbol of freedom, symbolizing the spiritual journey. Feathers never die. They are natural power objects used to send prayers quickly and directly to heaven.


The drumbeat restores vital, natural rhythms and breaks up stagnant energies. Drums can also direct us towards the place in our body where there are some blockades for them to be released with the drumbeat.


The rattle can be used for locating blockages, dispersing stagnant energies, to clear the energy, as well as to send the healing energy in, as it creates sparks of light and throws the spikes of energy and light into the person.


Shamanic crystals are high vibration stones that bring about multidimensional healing in concert with your own vibrations.  A high vibration crystal poses the possibility of a strong reaction or healing challenge.

About Shamanic Healing

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