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Reiki & Shamanic Services

60 Minute Session + Crystal Healing


Enjoy the comprehensive benefits of an hour-long reiki session including the use of crystal healing. Useful for general relaxation, stress reduction, chronic disease, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns.

30 Minute Session + Crystal Healing


Reap the rewards of reiki therapy with an abbreviated session including the use of crystal healing.

Distance Session

$75 for 60 min

$55 for 30 min

Harness the benefits of reiki from anywhere! A computer, tablet, or phone is required for services rendered via Zoom.

Salt Bowl Ceremony

$150 for indv

$120 for group

This individual or group ceremony invites us to hold space for one another and ourselves utilizing salts, oils, flowers, and herbs, along with the loving intention of all present, to create a healing salt mixture.

Group ceremonies require a minimum of 2 hours. 

Inner Child Healing


Learn how to connect with your inner child during an illuminating ceremony meant to identify inner child traumas and triggers and resolve them with meditation. 

Past Life Healing


Working with the root chakra , this ritual heals past, present , and future Incarnations to heal your Karmic generational lines.

Soul Retrieval


A Soul Retrieval is a healing offered by exclusively by a Shamanic Practitioner, in which the Shaman reunites your Soul pieces with your Soul. These pieces, lost by trauma, to certain situations or even to certain people, can cause depression, addiction, incompleteness, or the feeling of always "missing something."

Soul Retrieval is a deep experience that may be performed only after meeting Raychel in-person and completing other energy work. This service can be performed once a year. 

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