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A salt bowl ceremony is a group or individual activity utilizing salts, oils, flowers, and herbs, along with the loving intention of those involved, to create a healing salt mixture.

During the ceremony, we hold space for ourselves and each other, for the greatest good of all. We smudge to clear the energy of the space and each other. We ground the shared space, centering our energy. With an open heart, we consider our intentions of the moment and anything that we want to call into our lives.

The bowl is filled with a variety of healing salts. Participants have the opportunity to add the oils or herbs of their choosing while sharing their current intentions and anything they want to call in or manifest. The ceremony brings us together while also honoring us individually.

We smile and are grateful as we spoon our salt mixture into our bags. We conclude with a happy heart and a beautifully charged, aromatic, cleansing, and healing salt that can be used on your altar or left out in a small bowl in your home!

Salt Bowl Ceremonies are an experience for individuals and many types of groups. Whether family of origin, chosen family, friends, or peers, the bonding benefits of a Salt Bowl Ceremony are profound. 

In preparation of the ceremony, consider what contributions feel appropriate for you and what desires your wish to manifest. Personal contributions may include a beloved essential oil, herbs, flowers, crystals, a business card, or note containing a message to be manifested - anything your heart desires!

Salt Bowl Ceremonies

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